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Please be informed that the information disclosure herewith are made in accordance with Agrobank's Whistleblowing Policy.

Information disclosed here will be treated as strictly confidential.
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Any employee or member of the public who has knowledge or is aware of any improper conduct committed or is about to be committed within Agrobank is encouraged to make a disclosure in accordance to Agrobank Whistleblower Protection Policy stated in this document.



All information disclosed in relation to the improper conduct, including any information on the nature of the improper conduct, the identity of the person perpetuating the improper conduct and the identity of the whistleblower (including his occupation, residential address, work address, or his whereabouts) will be deemed confidential.

For investigation purposes (where necessary), the consent of the Whistleblower is to be sought to disclose their identity including disclosure to the Law Enforcement Agency (LEA).

Whistleblowing Channels


Secured P.O Box 

Addressed to

KPMG Management & Risk Consulting Sdn Bhd, Peti Surat 8190, Kelana Jaya, 46784 Selangor

Protected email

Secured facsimile line

03 – 7721 7818

Secured Hotline

1800 88 5500


Protection Conferred To the Whistleblower


A Whistleblower shall be conferred protection under this Whistleblower Protection Policy upon the logging of the complaint provided that the disclosure is made in good faith and has reasonable grounds in reporting the whistleblowing complaint. The Protection covers amongst others the following:-

  • Protection of the confidential information.
  • Protection against the detrimental action (extended to any person related to or associated with the Whistleblower).
  • Agrobank shall not incriminate the Whistleblower on disclosure of complaints and/or information on fraudulent activities
  • No action shall be taken against the Whistleblower even if the allegation is not confirmed as long as the allegation is made in good faith.


Revocation Of Protection For Whistleblower


Agrobank may at its discretion revoke the protection accorded to the Whistleblower if the investigation reveals that:-

  • The Whistleblower is involved in the reported malpractices / misconduct.
  • The Whistleblower knowingly made disclosures which are false or with the intention of frivolous or vexatious.
  • The Whistleblower has personal interests or ulterior motives in the disclosure.
  • The disclosure of improper conduct is made solely or substantially with the motive of avoiding legal action.
  • If the allegations are proven to be malicious, appropriate action may be taken against the Whistleblower. Written notice shall be issued to the Whistleblower if the protection has been revoked.


Content of Disclosure


Any disclosure herein should contain the following information:-

  • Details of the person(s) involved;
  • Details of the allegation (nature of the allegation, where and when the alleged misconduct took place);
  • Other relevant information; and
  • Any supporting evidence (if available).